The next (next) iPhone + the new (new) iPad (+ iPod) = ?

Contributions by Raj Gandhi

Apple’s iPhone event is around the corner, and they have already announced iOS6 and some of its key features: a new Maps app, Passbook, greater Siri functionality, and the like. However, none of these are particularly revolutionary; very un-Apple. But with a new iPhone predicted to be on the horizon, have they saved the best for the big show?

What could they bring into fray? Unimpressive ideas previously introduced by others have often been made successful by Apple’s extensive resources and, more importantly, perhaps, fierce brand loyalty. Examples include the iPad, voice control, and to some extent, Notification Bar Centre.

With that in mind, here are a few theories on what the new iPhone could introduce:

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Hello, and thanks for coming.

Welcome all, to the inaugural post of Technology’s Mightiest Heroes. A blog, broadcasting from the West Midlands and the South-East of England, hoping to deliver a fresh view on technology, consumer electronics, and other realms of the technoverse. Some other geeky detritus may make an appearance as well.

So, why should you read Technology’s Mightiest Heroes?
Well, we hope to chuck another perspective into the world of technology.We also hope to pioneer a part of the blogosphere that we believe has not been done efficiently thus far. And that is a completely UK-centric tech blog. Most popular blogs are either US based or some US affiliation. So prices will be quoted in good ol’ pound sterling.

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